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Выпускные подарки команды SEAL


Grad Gift 2022

2021 Grad Gift LARGE.jpg

Выпускной подарок 2021

SEAL TEAM GRAD GIFT 16x20inch file.jpg

Выпускной подарок 2020

Выпускной рэп музыкальное видео

Rapped to the beat of Congratulations, by Post Malone and Quavo.

We say congratulations--- on your graduation
Learned math and took dictation --- built an academic foundation

You earned those As and Bs --- passed your classes with ease
Getting smart like Socrates--- gonna explore the seven seas
Newest generation --of our great nation
We’re proud of how you worked ----obligations you never shirked
Flying higher than our flag -----you got the lessons in the bag

We say congratulations - on your graduation
No school intimidation - you learned the information
Made so many besties - the days flew by like bees
Experiences of joy and fun - had so many, but you’re not done

We  say congratulations - on your graduation
Good grades, you got the affirmation - great cause for celebration
You're the Dyker Heights Knights - you know what’s right
In the dark, you’re the light - your positivity is bright

We say congratulations - on your graduation
Dyker was the location - you stayed the duration
You brought the drama, art, and beats - have high hopes, no defeats
You're brave as volunteers - you’re academic pioneers

We say congratulation - on your graduation
Deserve our adulation - cause you had the dedication
You passed all the tests - and dealt with annoying pests
You’re done, no time to rest - more years to be your best

We say congratulations - on your graduation

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